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Top News Paper List [Collection] Of Chittagong Division, Cox's Bazar, Comilla, Feni, Parbatya Chattagram, Ukhiya, Chakaria, Sondip, Palong. Epaper, Print Potrika and Online News Portals of Chittagong.

Chittagong Newspaper List (Online Version) :

Chittagong & Coxsbazar Epaper List :

Chittagong Epaper (চট্রগ্রাম ইপেপার): Read epaper newspaper published from chittagong area. Read local newspaper and stay updated with your community. Newspaper that published from cox's bazar (Coxsbazar newspaper) is also included in the list of epaper

Coxsbazar Newspaper (Online and print) List :

Coxsbazar Newspaper: Read Newspaper and online newspoartal published from cox's bazar. The list of daily newspaper published from coxsbazar is in the bottom section.

Dainik Purbokone

is the most popular Newspaper Published from Chittagong Division. Dainik Purbokone [দৈনিক পূর্বকোণ] is Printed and published from Nasirabad, Chittagong.

Daily Azadi

is a old and reliable newspaper from chittagong. Daily Azadi was first published in 5 september in the year of 1960.

Dainik Coxsbazar

was first published on 1991. It is most popular newspaper from cox's bazar. Dainik Coxsbazar is published from Cox's Bazar City.


is one of most popular news portal from chittagong district. Ctgtimes is a online newsportal. It gives the latest news from all over chattogram. The news portal start publishing news in the year of 2012.

Coxs Bazar News

is known as cbn also. Coxsbazarnews is a online newspaper. They started the journey in 2009 14 february. Coxsbazar News is Most popular and reliable Online news portal from Coxsbazar. .

Daily Purbodesh

is a modern and widely circulated newspapers in Chittagong. .

Parbatta News

is the First National News Media On Chittagong Hill Tracts and Coxbazar Region.

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Chittagong is the 2nd largest city of bangladesh. Chittagong is the second largest metropolitan city in Bangladesh as well. Recently Chittagong is named as Chattogram [চট্টগ্রাম]. The largest port city in bangladesh is Chittagong. It is situated in the south-eastern in the country. The longest natural sea beach in the world is situated in cox's Bazar. St. Martin's Island is also a part of chittagong. The total area of chittagong is 33,771.18KM. The population is 28,423,019 according to wikipedia. Having Hill and Sea beach Chittagong is popular to tourists. Kaptai lake is very nice place to travell.

Area Of Chittagong - 33,771.18 km

Population Of Chittagong - 28,423,019 (As 2011)

Name Of Zillas Of Chittagong - Brahmanbaria, Comilla, Chandpur, Lakshmipur, Noakhali, Feni, proposed new Comilla Division, Khagrachhari, Rangamati, Bandarban, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar

Religion - Islam is the magority. 86% of The population is muslim and 12% is Hindu 2% Others

Language - Bengali and English

Air ports - Chittagong Airport [‎Shah Amanat International Airport] and Cox's Bazar Airport [Cox's Bazar International Airport]

University and Medicale Colleges of Chittagong - University of Chittagong, Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology, BGC Trust University Bangladesh, Chittagong Independent University (CIU), Asian University for Women, Port City International University, East Delta University, International Islamic University, Premier University, Southern University, University of Information Technology and Sciences and the University of Science & Technology Chittagong

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